Experience Aging Life Care/Geriatric Care Management

A Geriatric Care Manager Can:

  • Save a family/client money
  • Reduces stress on the family and caregiver
  • Help eliminate family disputes and disagreements

One of the Geriatric Doctors I work with calls me a Professional Daughter.
I strive to give children of aging parents Peace of Mind, knowing that in their absence, and many times living in another state,  that there are extra eyes and ears watching over their loved one.

Geriatric care
My daddy Russ, and myself

I too am a child of aging parents that live in another state and am on the side of having to coordinate services and learn a new area and find an exceptional caregiver. This can be challenging in the day and age we find ourselves. Knowing what to look for and what questions to ask requires a professional in the field that has the experience.

I pride myself on authentic education/experience